Jeffrey Ladd is an American photographer born in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania in 1968. His work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Oklahoma City Musuem of Art, International Center of Photography, Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, Museum of the City of New York among others. He splits his time between photographing and writing about photography. From 2007 to 2012, he wrote over 450 articles for his website 5B4 - Photography and Books, a blog dedicated to discussing and reviewing photography and art-related publications. Ladd is one of the founders of Errata Editions, an independent publishing company whose Books on Books series has won many awards for their scholarship into rare and out of print photobooks. He is currently based in Koeln, Germany.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, 1987-1991.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions


The Awful German Langauge, Fotoraum, Koeln.


Some of the People, All of the Time, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn.

The Awful German Language, Künstlerverein Malkasten Galerie, Düsseldorf.

Lay of the Land, SDP, NY.

(Mis)Understanding Photography, Museum Folkwang, Essen. (Ant!foto Manifesto text)
Pannaroma 1X3, Mercer County College, NJ.

Pannaroma 1X3, Columbia University School of the Arts, NY.CUP , Stockholm , Sweden .
Fotografischer Frühling, Tête Gallery, Berlin.

Pannaroma 1X3, UNO-St. Claude Gallery, New Orleans, La.
NY Temporary: The City Through Photography, NYCPMI, New York, NY.
Le Garage Artist Book Exhibition, Le Bal, Paris, France.

Pannaroma 1X3, Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Gallery, Fla.
Les Ballades Photographiques de Seyssel, Seyssel, France.

Format, Derby Museum, Derby, UK.
In Public @ 10, Photofusion Gallery, London, UK.
Le Garage Artist Book Exhibition, Rencontres d'Arles, France.
Le Garage Artist Book Exhibition, Le Château d'Eau Gallery, Toulouse, France.

Eyes Before God, Eye Studio Gallery, New York, NY.

One City, Many Destinations, Art Director's Club, New York, NY.

Bellvue Hospital Wall of Prayer, Museum of the City of New York, NY.
ICP Faculty Exhibition, International Center of Photography, NY.
Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, Stockholm, Sweden.
Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, Madrid, Spain.
Crosswalk, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, Ok.
Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, Milan, Italy.
Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, Tokyo, Japan.

Art + Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers, New York, NY.
Timescapes, Museum of the City of New York, NY.
Art and Worship World Prize, Center Cultural Niavaran, Téhéran.

Moving Walls 2004, Open Society Institute, Washington DC.
Unbroken: Photography Speaks Out, Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY.

Home (for the holidays), Jen Bekman Gallery, NY.
New York & Elsewhere, Jen Bekman Gallery, NY.
Moving Walls 2003, Open Society Institute, NY.
The Pyramid: 150 Years, Weinstein Gallery, MN.

Ways and Means, International Center of Photography, NY.

Life of the City, Museum of Modern Art, NY.
The Sidewalk Never Ends, Art Institute of Chicago, Il.
Here Is New York, Prince Street Gallery, NY.

People and Places, Atlantic City Art Center, NJ.

Photography 18, Perkins Center for the Arts, NJ.
Token Relations, Fordham University, NY.

Associated Studies, James Howe Fine Arts Gallery, NJ.
Reflections: Pictures of Water, Sag Harbor Picture Gallery, NY.
Take the 'A' Train, Howard Greenberg Gallery, NY.
Photography 17, Perkins Center for the Arts, NJ.

Photography 16, Perkins Center for the Arts, NJ.

The Big Grin, 450 Broadway Gallery, NY.
Photography 15, Perkins Center for the Arts, NJ.

From Tradition, Into the World, Kraine Gallery, NY.


The George Soros Foundation
The Open Society Institute
The Museum of the City of New York
The Brooklyn Museum of Art



Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen

University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf 

Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC (Designers and Books Festival)

Photobook Bristol, Bristol (29 Years in 29 Minutes)
Photobook Bristol, Bristol (Photobibliomania w/ Martin Parr)

University of South Wales, Newport

Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule, Aachen
University of South Wales, Newport

Fotohof Galerie, Salzburg (in conversation with Dirk Braeckman)

Netherlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
Kassel Photobook Festival, Kassel 

Ant!-foto Festival, Düsseldorf
Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY.

Kassel Photobook Festival, Kassel

Published Photographs (Books)

Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz (Eds.), Bystander: A History of Street Photography, Bulfinch, 2001.
Alice Rose George, Gilles Peress (et al), Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs, Scalo, 2002.
Charlotte Cotton (Ed), Peek, Art & Commerce, 2005.
Nick Turpin (Ed),10: Ten Years of In-Public, NTP, 2010.

Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz, Bystander: A History of Street Photography (2nd ed.), Lawrence King, 2017.

Published Photographs (Periodicals)

Esquire Russia, 2012.
Bypass Issue #2, 2010. (Essay and portfolio of photographs)
The New Yorker, September 22, 2008
The Fader, October 2007
City, October 2007
Vogue Italia, May 2006
Vogue Nippon, April 2006
New York Times, March 24, 2006
The Fader, March 2006
Ad Busters, Fall 2005
Marmalade, Spring 2005
The New Yorker, February 28, 2005
The Jerusalem Report, February 21, 2005
Marie Claire, November 2003

Published Writing

New York in Photobooks, Museo Centro Jose Guerrero (exhibition catalogue) 2016.
Wolfgang by David Fathi, (Book essay) 2016.
Camille Henrot Prehistoric Collections, The Eyes 2016.
Maximilian Stejskal - Folklig Idrott, Aperture Photobook Review 2016.
Kassel Photobook Dummy Award, Juror Statement 2016
Diane Arbus: In the Beginning, 1000 Words Magazine 2016.
Diary by Boris Mikhailov, 1000 Words Magazine 2016.
Waiting by Jason Larkin, 1000 Words Magazine 2015.
Taking Off. Henry My Neighbor by Mariken Wessels, 1000 Words Magazine 2015.
The Family Acid by Roger Steffens, The Eyes Magazine 2015.
Moduru Okinawa by Keizo Kitajima, 1000 Words Magazine 2015.
Go Inside East Germany's Stasi Archive, Time Magazine Lightbox 2015.
Mujercitos by Susana Vargas, 1000 Words Magazine 2015.
The Whale's Eyelash by Timothy Prus, The Eyes Magazine 2014.
Go Inside the Legendary Studio 54 with Tod Papageorge, Time Magazine Lightbox 2015.
Garry Winogrand SFMoMA, The Eyes Magazine 2014.
Natur by Michael Schmidt, The Photobook Review, Aperture 2014.
The Return of Henri Cartier-Bresson's The Decisive Moment, Time Magazine Lightbox 2014.
Hustlers by Philip Lorca-DiCorcia, The Eyes Magazine 2014.
The Photographer's Playbook, Aperture 2014.
Thomas Weski, Martin Parr: Bad Weather, Errata Editions, 2014.
Charlotte Cotton, Richard Billingham: Ray's a Laugh, Errata Editions, 2014.
Robert Enright, Donigan Cumming: The Stage, Errata Editions, 2014.
30 Years in Appalachia: Moving Beyond the Hillbilly Clichés, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2014.
DIY Skateparks: A Global Architecture of Rebellion, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2014.
Fueling the American Dream, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2013.
Mark Steinmetz’s Paris In My Time, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2013.
Luigi Ghirri's Kodachrome Revisited, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2013.
Antifoto Manifesto, Böhm/Kobayashi, 2013.
Swiss Air Archive, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2013.
Stephen Gill Coexistence, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2013.
John Gossage: The Actor (Best Books of 2012), Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
David Goldblatt: On the Mines, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Rune Gade, Krass Clement: Drum, Errata Editions, 2012.
Ivan Vartanian, Nobuyoshi Araki: The Banquet, Errata Editions, 2012.
Mette Sandby, Keld Helmer-Petersen: 122 Colour Photographs, Errata Editions, 2012.
Frits Gierstberg, Ed van der Elsken: Sweet Life, Errata Editions, 2012.
Alec Soth: Looking for Love, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Ed van der Elsken: Sweet Life, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Adam Bartos: Darkroom, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
On Robert Delpire, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Kassel Photobook Festival Book Dummy Awards, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Danny Lyon at the Menil, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Mishka Henner: Less Americans, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Photobooks Revisited, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Bertien van Manen, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2012.
Books of Protest, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2011.
The Photobook Review, Aperture, 2011. (Premier issue edited by Jeffrey Ladd)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, Frame #3, Steidl, 2011.
Josef Koudelka: Gypsies, Time Magazine Lightbox, 2011.
Darius Himes & Mary Virginia Swanson, Publish Your Photography Book, Princeton Architectural Press, 2011.
John Baldessari: Parse, Kassel Photobook Festival (catalog), 2011.
David Chandler, Paul Graham: Beyond Caring, Errata Editions, 2011.
Vladimir Birgus, Zdenek Tmej: The Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness, Errata Editions, 2011.
Kerry William Purcell, Alexey Brodovitch: Ballet, Errata Editions, 2011.
David Evans, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: 60 Fotos, Errata Editions, 2011.
Ted Partin, Eyes Look Through You, Hirmer Verlag, 2010.
Christoph Schaden, Der Rote Bulli, NRW Forum, 2010.
Max Kozloff, William Klein: Life is Good & Good for You, New York!, Errata Editions, 2010.
Gerry Badger, Yutaka Takanashi: Toshi-e, Errata Editions, 2010.
Joanna Lehan, David Goldblatt: In Boksburg, Errata Editions, 2010.
Pauline Terreehorst, Koen Wessing: Chili September 1973, Errata Editions, 2010.
Found in the Street, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust in the World, Bypass Issue #2, 2010. (Essay and portfolio of photographs)
On my Mind...Paul Graham's A Shimmer of Possibility, Foam Magazine #20, 2009.
Leigh Ledare: Pretend You're Actually Alive, Kassel Photobook Festival (catalog), 2009.
David Campany, Eugene Atget: Photograph de Paris, Errata Editions, 2009.
John T. Hill, Walker Evans: American Photographs, Errata Editions, 2009.
Marc Mayer, Sophie Ristelhueber: Fait, Errata Editions, 2009.
Gerry Badger, Chris Kliip: In Flagrante, Errata Editions, 2009.
On Robert Frank at Lincoln Center, Photoeye Magazine, 2008.
Lap medium and the Spineless Devils, Photoeye Magazine, 2008.